HISASHI KONDO Dokutsubo (2010.12.29) — 1022 Year-End Party ‘Thanksgiving’


1022 Year-End Party ‘Thanksgiving’

Translated by cyclo & azmikun

???This is sudden but!
Arisa and Ace Shoutarou

???Every year, I planned for this but

this time it finally materialized.

A thanksgiving for the various aid we’ve received in the year 2010!!

Everyone who showed up, thank you very much.

e.u.Band to Stereopony

Little Isshi and Pon? Big Brother!!

????????A&R???? ????
Recently, Hakuhodo from Sony, and the beautiful staff from Stardust’s ????(Teramochi?)
Sutepo’s Super A&R, Sakamoto-kun etc.

The Staff???

?MaiMai nee-san? and ?SHIHO(sutepo)?

Fellow female drummers hit it off!!

?ARISA? and ?NOHANA(sutepo)?

Same aged musicians exchanged their addresses.

Both of them got completely drenched in the Rain music video too!!

A little delayed but
Pirate King made his appearance too????

Greetings everyone????

Up until the end (of party)
Backy (only drinks) orange juice.

It was a healthy year-end party.

Thank you very much for the great year this year.



I received messages that when I put clearly (on my blog)
with “YUI” (when you searching) on “search form” it was said that it will stucks strangely
So, as much as possible when I have (YUI) private picture
I won’t put (YUI) name (but ??? kaizokuou instead)
???Please sympathise with me

(I read some comments on his blog about this that there are some ppl who mistaken write “YUI” with “YUl” with little “L” on search form on his blog so of course it will strange. ~ asmikun)

Sorry about that.
Thank you very much

?Here’s what I can get from the picture: “.. thanks for coming to the store… today’s reservation…”)

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