Hisashi Kondo Dokutsubo (2011.07.21) — 1226 Thanks Yuusuke for this and that ~!!


Thanks Yuusuke for this and that~!!

Translated by aron, JunLovesYUI, pm_monkey, PWRTSM and Kiki

In the studio
EDIT work….

Kikuchi-san is the engineer.
Please guide me along!!

Today Backy had a magazine interview.

MaiMai participated in the music video,
When I think 96chan’s solo concert has ended, all sort of summer festivals are coming!!
Chris too, onegaishimasu!! I’ll be relying on you.
The band rehearsals are also progressing along with a good feel
They are also looking forward for the lives!!

Please take care of everything~!!

By the way,

carrying on this flow of things
we found this old/nostalgic photo

Icchy? where was this taken?
If I’m not mistaken it was a picture of the preview tour or on our way to somewhere.
Preview tour: http://www.cdjournal.com/main/news/yui/11633
YUI went to several places to sing when TnU was being played

It looked like it was getting lost
so I posted here secretly

Also, Kuro-chan from just a while ago

His hair is getting longer
before his camera broke..!!

Actually, during rehearsal, it was left on the piano
The camera that he bragged about was destroyed on an incident

Yesterday’s Teramochi


Thank you.

For today too, everyone,
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.



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