HOTEL HITS Live DVD confirmed. The phantom of Thank you My teens?


Tears of Joy were shed the day this information came out to public. HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Live Tour DVD has been confirmed!
The news came from a chinese forum and soon confirmed by the most reliable 95music

Even though there is still no confirmation by YUI-net (as we are accostumed) we can be 100% sure that this DVD will be released in March.

But then, a problem arose.

The price.

At first it was 3,900 yen (?). Cheap, compairing with other more expensive DVDs of this nature (up to ?10,000+), but still leaving us the hope of finally having a full concert recording.
Then, the price dropped down to ?3.500.
Looking at prices over CDJapan, this doesn’t look good.
The vast majority of live tour DVDs go from ?4,000 to ?10,000. Cheaper products belong to not-well-known / indie bands, or short footages where live performances are edited in great part.

…Like Thank you My teens.

It costs ?3,300 only, contains 10 songs and 3 backstage recordings.
Let’s ad one song per 100 yen and we will have 12 songs, out of the 22 she performed in Budokan great finale. (And we don’t even know whether will they include Budokan concerts in it or not)
Some might argue “Sony is thinking in the pocket of YUI’s fans!” Well, let’s not forget the prices of some Tour goods:

* 4th Tour 2010 Tee: ?3,000
* YUI x nano universe Cap: ?3,900
* YUI x nano universe T-shirt: ?4,500 (For a simple T-shirt!! )
* Parka: ?6,500

So you can afford a T-shirt but you can’t buy a DVD?

But stop being so negative, Let’s look at the bright side!
The closest referent we have would be Shota Shimizu’s tour DVD released in December.
It contains 18 songs with a cost of ?3,800.

Yes, that was the bright side.

The doubts are so high than even within the community there are people wondering if spending money on this will be worth it.

Even with all this pessimism ahead of us, YUI-Lover will support the upcoming DVD.
All recordings made by fans in Budokan have been taken down, and if you want to support YUI, we encourage you to report any illegal links you might find in the internet.


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