Icchy’s face finally unveiled


Ichihara Makoto, also known as “Icchy” is the A&R (Artist and Repertoire) working with YUI. He recently appeared on an program in USTREAM about the role of A&Rs in the Japanese music industry.

The pannel was conformed by A&Rs of several record companies such as Universal and AVEX. Icchi was representing Sony Music Entertainment.

The video can be seen here

“The most important thing is to produce music. It should take precedence over advertising and management.”
The first time Icchy met YUI was in the Sony audition. At that time Icchy wasn’t A&R, but promoter.

Hisashi had tried several times to take a picture of him and post it in dokutsubo with no success.
Unfortunately for Icchi, we found you ;)

Actually, we saw him before in the show KuruKuru Miracle, but at that time we didn’t know who he was.

The guy at the back

Information about this show can be seen here.


Thanks to @blackdog819 for the information.

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