Interview in Hong Kong (i-CABLE)


Exclusive interview on YUI who tells us her feelings on coming to Hong Kong.
Translated by GC, azmikun and panda

Japanese singer songwriter YUI accepted our interview on Cable Entertainment News channel (CEN), she talked about her thoughts and feeling on coming to Hong Kong. She noted that people in Hong Kong are very friendly and passionate, but the the neon street lights and the height of the buildings gave her a fright, if she were able to, she really wants to walk around Hong Kong slowly, and enjoy it a relaxing manner.

During September 08 YUI suddenly decided to take a break, this was because since she debuted it was a long time she concentrated on music, that’s why she thought she wanted to relax a bit, it gave her time to think about a lot of things.

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Reporter: Today we have invited Japanese singer-songwriter YUI for an interview..

YUI: Nice to meet you

Reporter: Nice to meet you. Would you like to introduce yourself in Cantonese?

YUI: Hello everyone, I am YUI desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Reporter: You’re so good at Cantonese.

YUI: Thank you.

Reporter: Well, is this the first time you’ve been to Hong Kong?

YUI: Yes, this is my first time.

Reporter: What impression of Hong Kong do you have?

YUI: I was really impressed by the neon lights on the streets and also the sheer height of the buildings. Everyone is warm and friendly too.

Reporter: Next time you visit Hong Kong where do you want to go?

YUI: I would like to walk around more slowly and enjoy it.

Reporter: What about shopping?

YUI: Yeah I want to go shopping too.

Reporter: We know that in September 2008 you decided to take a rest. At that time, why did you make that decision and during your hiatus, what did you do?

YUI: Since my debut, although I had the privilege of doing musical activities for a long time, Ehm… I though of taking a rest to refresh myself. So I took vacations, and I had the time to think and to consider many things.

Reporter: Before, you were in a movie called “Taiyou no Uta”. Fans in Hong Kong really liked the movie after watching it but you haven’t starred in anymore movies afterwards, why is that?

YUI: Thank you, hmm… I want to concentrate on music, I always try to do my best in music, but if there’s a chance, I will give my best to do it.


YUI: In March 11th I was inside a car, it was trembling really strong… As for now I want to do everything I possibly can with all my might.

Reporter: To finish, please give a message to your Hong Kong fans.

YUI: Always thank you very much. thank you. I did remember a lot of Cantonese but now I’ve forgot it all. thank you very much.

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