Interview in Mainichi Newspaper (2011.05.15)

Mainichi Newspaper for Elementary Students

Singer-Songwriter YUI
Translation: azmi
Arrangement: kikino xD

?Students who met YUI

Satou Nagisa (Prefecture Kanagawa, Samukawa City, 5th grade)
Satou Sakura (Tokyo, Takinogawa City, 5th grade)

Sitting cross legged and playing guitar, impressive singer-songwriter YUI. With a comfortable voice and honest lyric, YUI is popular between elementary students. The two correspondents Satou Nagisa and Satou Sakura who said [I want job related to music], asked things about song making to YUI.

? Because music is exist, you can cheer up

Nagisa: why did you decided to become a singer?

YUI : Since I was kid, I really loved singing and listening music. Hmm…Do you understand street live? I watched people singing on the road, I was thinking that they played guitar so lovely, so I moved forward in music’s road.

Nagisa : when did you started learning guitar?

YUI : when I was 15-16 years old. When I was 1st year senior high school student.

Nagisa : was F chord difficult?

YUI : It was so difficult! Do you play guitar?

Nagisawa : because my hand is still litte, I can’t play guitar. So I play ukulele.

YUI : waa, so cute. When your hand has become bigger, try to play guitar ok!

Sakura : Why you don’t feel shy when singin in the front of people?

YUI : hmm…when you are cheering up in music, you received voices [you cheered me up] from the fans in exchange. It would feel it’s so fun.

Sakura : Listening to Lives or CDs, wich one do you thing is better?

YUI : By CD, I think you will remember about things from that CD time. When I listen to songs from my debut, I will remember feelings of when I first came to Tokyo.

Nagisa : did you wanted become a singer since you were child?

YUI : Yes. That’s right. I really loved to sing. I listened to Yuumin (Matsutou Yayumi)’s Yasashisa ni Tsutsumaretanara very often. And then since I was 3rd year middle school, I started listening to Bon Jovi.

Nagisa : What did you feel when it was decided your starring in “Taiyou no Uta” movie?

YUI : It was my first time acting and performing in a movie. I researched about the main character’s (kaoru) disease called xeroderma pigmentosum in which you can’t get exposed to sunlight…Singing and acting have similarities, but body, facial expression, and representaionwas different, so it was difficult.

Nagisa : When usually you go in your private time?

YUI : I usually go to watch live, and because I really love gitar, I usually go to music shop too. I have more than 10 gitars, including electric and acoustic.

Nagisa : I have 4 ukuleles.

YUI : Eeeh! Cool!

Nagisa : Recently I saw a cute light blue ukulele and I wanted it, but it was expensive.

YUI : You should save money and buy it in the future OK! My first guitar was a gift, and until now I treasure it.

Nagisa : mm…this is my selfishness,,but can you please sing even though it just the chorus part?

YUI : Hmm…which song should I sing? …?Yume janai yai yai yai yai, te ga todoki sou na GLORIA…

Both of them : waa GREAT!!!

YUI : thank you. Certainly, please come to my Live ok! (summary. Nakaji Mamaki)


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