mafumafu diary (2014.11.28) — “Mi” release part 2



“Mi” release part 2

Good evening, this is mafumafu

FLOWER FLOWER????????????
FLOWER FLOWER’s “Mi” was finally released!

since the day yui invited me to join the band, it took a bit of time for the album to be out,
And now, even to our surprise, “Mi” became a reality

Something I’ve never seen before, and yet it feels I’ve seen it before
Something I never heard before, and yet feels like I’ve heard it before. “Mi”

I have expectations to see to what extend this “seed” will take roots and become a tree with flowers of all kinds of colors.

To everyone in Japan, and if possible to the whole world!! (The dream is big)

FLOWER FLOWER????????????????????
What I personally wish of my role as a member of FLOWER FLOWER,
Is that we can all share the songs and truly think “This is cool!” and “So good!” with eachother, and it will be awesome if we can travel in the various worlds of music together.

Saying that the power of music can change things could be exaggerated and out of fashion.
But when I listen to “Mi”, yui’s voice and lyrics, sacchan and murajun’s sounds, it rocks my emotions and makes me smile, and feel like crying. It provokes me an impulse and gives me energy.

If I make music with such band members, I have the premonition we can change things a little.

Since I feel this way, there should be people who feels the same way right? Nah, there has to be! (Haha)

I’ll be happy if I can travel the world of music with such people, even if a little.

??????????FLOWER FLOWER????????
With such feelings, I will play as a member of FLOWER FLOWER.

We always talk about what type of band we should become. But we never reach a conclusion…

We might become a super folk band for the next work.

We might become a reggae ska band.

We might become a soul and funk band and we’ll all wear afros!

I will be happy if everybody look forward to any transformations of the band!


This one was touchy ; _;
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