murajun DIARY (2014.11.29) — “Mi” release part 3



“Mi” release part 3
Translated by Leo and Jeff

Once these 4 people got together, this album was able to be made.

At last the “Fruit ” has ripened.


When yui first said “how about “Fruit” as a title?” I thought, really (°?°)?
But now I can’t think of anything else but “Fruit “! lol.

Finally we were able to release it.

Thank you to everyone who has their hands on the CD.


In this day and age, when it’s easy to get your hands on music – saving up your pocket money, going to the record shop, impressed with people waiting in line, briskly walking home, thinking “I want to listen to this asap”, carefully opening the bag, setting the CD player, the long awaited time to press the play button – the thrill of this is unparalleled.

We will be working hard so that we can offer you the thrill again.


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