Negai — comment from mafumafu (2014.12.05)




FLOWER FLOWER???????????????????????
A jamming session song that we prepared as the recently formed FLOWER FLOWER.

By chance I listened to a recording of a rehearsal at that time.
It was a completely unplanned session, and yet, the song sounds so good it surprises me.

The impressive piano intro, and the bass’ melody twinning itself to it (Like my naturally curly hair)

The development from the D-melo. to the last hook-line, and also the 3 consecutive drum fill just before band-in, thereafter.
Those were the same. No preliminary discussion.

The impresing “Tori no you” refrain too.

Of course the melody is also made perfectly. The lyrics too sounds authentic somehow.

Personally, it was a session that caused such impression, that I just kept listening to that recording after the end of the rehearsal .

The more I listen to it, the more I wonder how is it that we managed to make such song arrangement.

Honestly I think that this song was something that already existed in our heads. And it was inevitable that we came together that day, that moment, at that place, to make it real.

It might sound a bit doubtful (haha), but I really came to think this way.
I have felt many misterious bonds (with the band members).

I’m streching on, but I wanna mention an important player in the shadows.

Manager F-chan. Everytime we start getting on a good mood while playing a session, he will start recording without notice. Since he is also a recording engineer the recordings are excellent (Haha)

If F-chan wasn’t there, if F-chan didn’t record that moment, “Negai” wouldn’t be born

Thank you, F-chan!

Having a jamming session full of miracles, being recorded properly and finally being delivered to all of you, makes me overflow with emotion.




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