Negai — comment from sacchan (2014.12.06)



Translated by Spring-san

This is the song made during the first jam session.

I remember well.
that mura?jun came late and struggled to recover lol.

Be that as it may, by doing jam session from the place where there was nothing,
I remember that I was surprised how such a song could be created.

Because I didn’t think it would take any form.
I played and drummed just as I wanted.

Since it was too good,
It became an enigmatic situation that I struggled to copy the play of myself at the final recording.

Considering how high is the “natural” state of humans
I had a renewed surprise.

During the pre production, working for developing from the session to the actual song,
it’s a good memory that yui-chan played manly guitar.

Before the final hook-line, gyui–nn (guitar sound).
It’s nice. I had goose-bumps.

I personally think that furafura is doing a pretty good job bringing this song as the first one.
What do you think?


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