miwa x YUI at Bokura no Ongaku (English translation)



Translation by azmikun

talk summary

At very first they are greeting each other with “ohisashi buri desu/long time no see” which is means they’ve met each other in the past.
After that miwa start talking “you are my senpai from recording company also my senpai as a woman singer with guitar. Im so happy we can talk now”. as YUI replied “probably I’m more nervous than you”
and they are keep bowing and saying yoroshiku onegaishimasu xD

after that miwa says “to be truth, before I debuted, in the pasta store near the company, unexpectedly I met you. Do you remember?”
as YUI replied “I remember. I was thinking “”what a cute girl”.
“I was so nervous so I couldn’t speak anything” miwa replied…

aand miwa made a confession,
“after I debuted, I was being compared a lot with you, in the very first time, I felt distress..”

and YUI replied very gently “our style is quite similar because of using the guitar, but secretly I was always supporting you”

and miwa was happy to hear that.

after that miwa asking about what song that for the first time YUI played after she had a guitar.
YUI answered that the song was ????”hadaka no ousama” ~LOVE PSYCHEDELICO -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6cu_O0VHB8
because there was no F chord in the song XD

“which guitar chord that you like?” miwa asking…
“I like Add9” and start playing Add9 chord..

a moment later YUI asks “do you play guitar at home?”
“hmm, sometimes…in the olden days I was practicing guitar everyday because I’m afraid if I stop I would become poor.” miwa answered.

*jamming Time after time*

and the YUI “I have a song that made an impact to me..miwa-chan’s song”
“my song?” miwa little bit surprised as YUI brings a handwritten note of the song “Don’t cry anymore”.

*don’t cry anymore session*

annnd the topic now is about Recochoku Ranking “Artist you want to marry” as they mentioned that YUI won this for 3 years consecutively while miwa for the first time reached no.2.

“so how do you feel?” miwa asking
and YUI felt it’s a “miracle” feelings.

and miwa starting to talk about the feeling for getting the 2nd place, she think that herself is not suited to marriage and after that asking YUI if YUI also has the same feeling.

YUI replied that somehow she felt relief because she thinks that as a tomboy and not having feminine side as a woman, she is not suited to marriage..

after that staring talk about household matter such “do you like washing?”
and YUI replied “I reaaly love washing”

while the two are confessing that they’re bad at tidying up something..
as YUI mentioned that She will not back to the same place twice (in tyding somethiing like manga etc)

suddenly, they’re talking about mimicing something…

“hallo~ boku mikki-!” XD
“didididin boku doraemon desu ka~” XD

and the talk continues

“is there something that a must to do before doing a ‘Live'” miwa asking
“before I entered the live stage, I must bow because if do that I feel like the ive will become good” YUI answered

while miwa alwasy have footbath (hot water).

and then YUI showing a warming up pose for hands.

after that YUI says that sometimes her hand feels hurt, and she’s using an extra light guitar strings, 010 one.

*start exchanging guitar*

as YUI expressed that she respect miwa because the strings of her guitar is thicker.

and the last, they are jamming Sheryl Crow “Strong Enough” http://t.co/PqC1lxCz

*praising each other*


Sorry for poor english. Not so detail, skip some parts. Maybe there are some mistakes :P


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