Music Lovers recording report (October 18th)



Guests were Shingo Fujimori and Miori Takimoto from ORIENTAL RADIO
Setlist was HELLO, Green, YOU and tsubasa wo Kudasai
The trip to Italy was something private.

She said that she asked Teramochi to go with her because she’s a stranger there… There was an acquaintance there, so she stayed with them.

Fujimori started a corner of leaking private pictures called “bring your own” project. There were three pictures provided by her manager and Kondo-san.
Doing a diet is difficult so rice was forbidden at recordings! Ramen, Pasta and Udon, the staff was also dragged into it. lol

Pictures shown were:
1 The AnpanMan who wasn’t asked to help for a week
2 YUI and her staff on a competition of puzzle ring
3 YUI cheating looking a walkthrough video with the solution of the puzzle ring xD
4 A picture of YUI with certain italian performer
5 YUI with the “makkana ramen” as seen on dokutsubo

HELLO was TV size version.
Even though when the first part ended there was a big chorus, in the second part she made a mistake and ended up clapping. “I’m sorry! one more time” She said. We could listen to it two times haha.

It looks like there was a misunderstanding at Tsubasa wo Kudasai too. Over the half of the song they had to do it again.
I was so happy haha.

She made a mistake in YOU lyrics too. She even said “aah!”, but she continued until the end.
I wonder if she was too nervous. The tone of her voice was fairly pretty too.
Specially Green I closed my eyes and fell into it.
It was a good concert!

Although getting the lyrics wrong isn’t something to be proud of but it proved that such an awesome live wasn’t lip synced haha
Obviously YUI’s songs were great but Sakura-san did a great job too! Expecting it for the tour too! Incidentally the band members were all the tour members!

By the way this Fujimori Shingo guy is one of the most hated guys by japanese YUI fans. He is always saying “I love YUI”, “I want to make love with YUI” (lol)
He asked his friend if they knew YUI’s phone number or email address, the friend told him.

Well its half serious half joking.
As an entertainer you have to stand out or you’re gonna lose your popularity pretty soon.






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???YUI???????YUI?make love????????????


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