YUI 4th Tour 2010 Report (Day 1, Ichihara City Meeting Hall, 2010.09.12)


YUI 4th Tour 2010 Live Report
Translation by Kikino with the help of pandas who read ths scare me

Thank you very much to ??????for his very detailed report ( ^^)b

“We are trapped in a hotel~”

When this narration started, at the same time, a paceful forest was being projected in the screen, changing completely into a storm, thunders and heavy rain’s sound was rumbling too.

And when band members made their appeareance a big applause and “waaa”!
Arisa on keyboars, Maimai on drums, Kuro-chan on guitar and Backy on bass made their entry respectively.
While the sound of the storm was resounding they started playing something.

When the performance ended, a door opened in the upper left and a spotlight appeared. The door opens and YUI APPEARS!!!

1st song. again
The first song after her comeback. The first piece in the beginning of the concert couldn’t be possible without this song.^^
I was anticipating this. The expected first song!!
All the audience was bustling, standing in the beginning we got heated up at once with a fast beating time!!

1nd Song?Rolling star
Continuing with exciting songs. Arisa-san was agitating the beat from time to time, even more, from a high spot, beat! beat! << not sure
In the screen still projections of thunders and rain, the beat was taken to the climax.

3rd Song?It’s all too much
The 3 consecutive fast paced songs I was looking for!
Coinciding at once in the beginning of the concert was exciting, but my hands started to hurt inmediately xD
However, there were some strange parts in the song, maybe mistakes in the lyrics?

First MC
YUI: “I got the lyrics wrong for being nervous! Let’s enjoy to the max today!
She said something simple like that. As I thought she made a mistake…xD

4th Song?Laugh away
I love this song for it’s refreshing ^^ I listened while humming without making noise? (how can you do that? xD)
In the middle of the song, there was a passage when she stopped because she forgot the lyrics. It’s the opening day. I guess she felt too much pressure.

5th Song Parade
When the intro started, a lot of people from the staff appeared in stage wearing yellow happi coats turning their backs.
I thought “What? what is it?” right when the song started, the staff faced towards the audience throwing frisbees!
Uwaa! I was surprised!
In this album’s booklet there were lots of frisbees beign thrown. I wonder if they did it thinking on this.

And then, some townscapes were projected in the screen
Since in this song’s lyrics it says “At Shidaya during the day” I thought “maybe it’s Shidaya” “Is there such a place in Shidaya?”
While listening to the song and looking the projections
Ah! That’s Ichihara!
They included images of the City meeting hall road and in the oposite side, Ichihara municipal office was projected! I see…

Now it’s band members introduction.
YUI: On keyboard, Arisa-san!
clap clap we applauded, and then
YUI: “Do a tongue twister”
Eeeeh?! whats with this way of introducing a member, lol
Arisa-san: namamugi namagome namatamago
Aaah, she could say it! applauses

She kept introducing bandmembers in order. they talked about how hard “Shaka-shaka-asa-shouryou” twister is xD (not sure about kanji)
YUI too tried to say “Shaka-shaka-asa-shouryou” many times to show us how to do it xD. The excitement was rised in the place. Next song.

6th Song?Cinnamon
It’s heeeereee!
This song is one of the 3 songs the I personally wanted to hear in this live. The other 2 songs are Please Stay With Me?and?Kiss me?.
Listening was a lot of fun and I clapped to the beat so fast the my hands hurted.
In the screen there were female highschool students? sitting o a table, over the table, cinnamon and letters were moving. A pop video was flowing

7th Song?Please Stay With Me
It’s heeeeeeeeere
This is a song to listen carefully. The beats from the beginning of the live were gone and we listened silently. Getting excited during the chorus. The painful part of the song was the best..

Riiiing. Riiiing.

When the stage seemed to become more bright, the phone on stage was ringing.
YUI went to answer.
YUI: Moshi moshi~
The conversation started. It looks like the president of Sony Records is calling? The conversation was about all the help she received since her debut. And that he couldnt come to the live. After all, it was the president of the company himself, also her son was coming or something.
Anothe MC hard to understand ^^;

In that MC
YUI: “I’m sorry to keep you standing, please have a sit.”
After that, everybody sat for a moment.

Also, bandmembers changed their positions, to an acoustic form.
Maimai sitted on a cajon.
From here it’s accoustic corner.

8th song?How crazy

I shivered.

I wasnt expecting to hear this song sang in acoustic. I had goosebumps.
I really love this song! might be a cheap way of saying, but I got a lot of energy from it in the past.
Judging from the melody I felt it didn’t suited the acoustic feel. But the lyrics has a very strong message so I wanted to listen carefully —– “Stop talking as if you knew me” —- (arg..hard part.)

Is there something you want? YUI waved (?) to the bandmembers
I want a fireplace, or I want a sofa.. they were talking about things like that xD
YUI: “In that case, let’s go with the next song, tho it is competely unrelated xD”

9th song?Love is all
Certainly unrelated right? xD
But the message in this song has a strong message! as I thought, please listen to the lyrics! Something like this, right? This! (weird)
And then, Maimai’s cajon play style was unusually cool.

YUI: “From where did everybody come?”
Since all guests answered at the same time it was imposible to tell xD
YUI: I was expecting such response…xD
Anyway xD, The talked about Arisa-san and that she came from Saitama
YUI: Pepple coming from Saitama!?
Guests from here and there raised their hands.
There were unexpectedly few. As I thought there were a lot of people coming from Chiba and Tokyo. I wanted her to ask for all prefectures in Kanto. I wonder how many people came from Ibakari like me??
YUI: “Well then, Let’s go with the next song. Altough it can be a little sad. TOKYO”

10th song?TOKYO
This song in acoustic was comprehensive.
Everyone listened atentively and seriously.

When acoustics finished, a narration. The crumbled brigde is beign restored gradually. (I think this narration should’ve been later.)
When a feeling that the live was going to end,
YUI: “Is there a song you would like to hear?”
From the seats, guests shouted differents songs. Picking up the songs being shouted and not picking them later xD (not sure)
YUI: Eh? “CHE.R.RY”?, “Summer Song”? nobody is saying? xD Hai hai “I’ll be” right?. Hai “Kiss me”
And so, several songs raised.
YUI: “A lot were named, but I can’t sing them all. It would be nice to have a roulette.. ”
When she said that, the song names appeared written on a roulette!!!!

Then, YUI threw darts on the roulette to sing the song in the spot hitted.
Personally, I wanted to listen to “Kiss me”! Come, Kiss me…

The song YUI got with the dart was…
“Summer Song”!!!
Aah, bad luck. But I wanted to hear to Summer Song OK! When I was thinkng that…
YUI: “Sorry… I don’t have confidence to sing Summer Song today, is it OK if I throw one more dart? ”


Don’t you say she’ll do it again?! xD
But it is the first day of the Tour, It can’t be helped. It looks like some songs in the roulette are songs she can’t sing in the Tour, She needs to prepare for it right?
So, the second song hitted was…
I’ll be!!!
Good! this song is OK too!

Band members returned to their positions, restart!

11st Song?I’ll be
??????????????????? (<– no clue)
When the song started, Everybody standed up one again. Listening while folowing to the beat at ease ^^
I thought that this song was “………” In the screen, images of the live and YUI were being projected.

12nd Song Never say die
The first coupling song of today has arrived!!
Its suicide prevention week?9/10?9/16?and this song fits perfectly in this live!!
Towards the second half of the ******(spurt?) it became intense again !!

Finally it has come. This song is “es.car”.
When I watched the video in the website “with various meanings” (?) I thought, this choreography is IMPOSSIBLE! xD
YUI: “A clip will be projected in the screen, so please let’s dance together!”

13rd Song?es.car
At the beginning was singing normally, when the chorus came in, the video of the official site was projected.
From “Anata no zutto soba ni~?” In the chorus, colectively our fingers were Chan, chan, chan, chan, chan, chan.
Swinging the arms, opening both hands, fluttering from below to above.
It’s difficult! I’M SO EMBARRASSED!! xD
On the way, the chorus was repeated several times to repeat the choreography.
From repeating it so many times IT BECAME FUN!! xD
Singing until the end, next!

14th Song?I do it
The “self-cover” song
On an exciting atmosphere that makes you want to rise your arms, Arisa-san did it too. But there wasn’t many people doing it ne?
So I stopped folowing the beat from a high place. (?)

15th song?Tonight
Once again a c/w came (c/w???? coupling song? )
The excitement in this moment was in the highest level!! So much fun!
Fun fun lalala love fun fun love?

YUI: “es.car” choreography, was it good?
Guest: “Who planned this choreography??”
This voice raised
Really, who thought of this choreography???I was thinking the same.
YUI: “Choreographer-san thought about it”
Such thing.
That’s what it was uh? From Ofi’s clip It didn’t look like YUI thought about it herself, but I didn’t think a choreographer did it precisely. (Ofi’s = Official Site ?)

YUI: “The next song is the last. Please, everybody, let’s sing together!”
Guests: EEeeeeehh!!
When this promise voice raised (?). the last song~

16th Song?Shake My Heart
In the part of Shake My Heart Yeah! / Shake Your Heart Baby!
the texted appeared in the screen and everybody sang together ^^
This sense of unity was enjoyable^^

After the song ended, we wer surrounded by an ovation. YUI and the band left the stage.
However, This is not the end at all right~? xD
The clapping beat was increasing gradually. The clapping was faster expecting for the encore!!!

After the applauses continued for aninstant. The band. and YUI appeared again!
A big applause and Whaaaa.

And, when I thopught they would return to their original positions…

YUI stood in front of the keyboard!!!
The song with her own accompainment is heeeree!! > <

In this part the whole venue exclaimed exited.
YUI: “Thank you for the encore. Are you all right after clapping so fast?”
After that consideration for the audience,
YUI: “Please listen to this sing while thinking of that important person.”

17th Song?to Mother
I’m gona cry?????(??`)????
Or should I say, The sound of slurping tears could be heard from the seat next to me , the person in that seat was crying overcomed by emotions~..
But this song, always prospers in live concerts. It’s a lot better than listening from the CD!

18th Song Driving Happy Life
We had returned back to the start.
On the screen YUI was on the Volkswagen and driving along a coastline? the clip worked well with the song it was really refreshing ^^

YUI: “About the clip you just saw, it was taken while I was driving virtually!” (LOL is that translation correct? xD)
It’s what she said.
Aaaah~, As I thought it was not a composite, She was driving on a virtual road (maybe those old blue screen effects? LOL wanna see it!! >_< )
And then,
YUI: “By the way, when Parade clip was being projected, could you tell what place it was? It was from streets of Ichihara, I said it a little late tho”

And now, the next part it’s really gonna be the last.

19th Song GLORIA
Enough for us to cheer we got more exited enough though this was not the last song, this was a song that cheers you up and gives you courage.
the last part made me think “starting from tomorrow let’s give our best again”
I won’t lose yai yai yai yai!!!

When the song finished, YUI along with the band members and manipulator-san who worked behind the scenes went to the front of the stage, joined hands and gave a bow.
when everyone left ONLY YUI WAS LEFT ON THE STAGE!
everyone went WAAH to this and gave a big applause.

YUI: “There’s only 1 song till then end, please listen”
She said something like that and started to sing with her guitar.

20th Song Good-bye days
The only sound present was the silence itself.
Only YUI’s voice and the sound of her guitar resonated around the arena.
At first she was singing with the mic but halfway through she went to the place in front of the stage
YUI: “Can everyone hear me?”
she said without the mic and started to sing.
It was dead silent, we were only just only listening.

When the song ended we all burst into a magnificent APPLAUSE!!!

There was huge applause while the melody ?It’s happy line?marked the end of the live, during which YUI kept bowing to the audience and then left behind the stage.

At the end the announcer said something like “Thank you very much for using this hotel. Please be careful going back home.”
We had a last huge applause, then today’s live had ended.

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