YUI at Music Station (2011.11.11)



YUI had performed “HELLO” at Music Station this past Friday! She is seen walking in with her “wu-wang” hand sign^__^

Chris is on the drums this time ! He did great!

Music Station also visits places in Fukuoka where both YUI and fellow Music Station guest, Shiina Ringo, is from too.. You can see familiar spots like Shinguu beach, the Shinguu train station and Fukuoka’s Yahoo Dome where YUI used to play guitar. Some of the children get really excited to see YUI and compliments on how she’s super beautiful. YUI can be seen reacting a little embarrassed in the little camera box on the top right (>__<) haha

They also chat with YUI and how she goes downhill mountain biking! So cooooool! You can see YUI all geared up with the protective gear too.


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