YUI in Music lovers (2011.11.13) — Official report



This time is YUI’s special concert! It began with “HELLO”, the theme song of the movie based on Ai Yazawa’s hit “Paradise Kiss” and the ending theme YOU. Also, her new song “Green a.live” was played!!!

Also, the song she sang when she went to the area struck by the disaster in touhoku visiting some of the victims at their schools, she sang a cover of “Tsubasa wo Kudasai”!

As for Guest lovers, there was a big audition for the Korean drama’s remake’s co-protagonist so there was alot of attention on Takimoto Miori

YUI’s vehement fan of Oriental Radio, Shingo Fujimori!
At OriRaji Fujimori’s “bring your own” project, YUI’s private pictures were (secretly) contributed one after another!!!
YUI’s unexpected honesty was revealed?!

Furthermore, OriRaji Fujimori did a co-acting with YUI’s famous song “CHE.R.RY!!!”


Don’t miss it!

Source: http://www.ntv.co.jp/mlovers/

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