Negai — comment from murajun (2014.12.07)



?? mura?jun

English translation by Haluta

FLOWER FLOWER??????????????????????
In the course of going into the studio without much purpose,
We eventually thought “Let’s jam!”
I feel it’s the song made during this first session.

What I recall clearly is
That the introduction was completed at the time of the session,
And, so it was difficult to reproduce.

While we were doing pre production:
“The introduction at the time of the session was better!!”
“Really? See. It’s almost the same, isn’t it?”
“Somewhat different! Here! Look!”
“Seriously? Are we going to reproduce this noise, too?”

Something like that…

It was a hard job, but the wonderful introduction made the top of the album so memorable.

??????FLOWER FLOWER???????????????
I personally think it’s the initial song of FLOWER FLOWER.
The meaning of its place as the first song is quite so.



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