NEWS MAKER July 2007 (Interview) – “In any case, now I have no other choice!”


Taken from akabanekouji

Deciding to quit school was a tough decision wasn’t it?
Yeah it was. My teacher also said this to me “Although there are people who quit school for their dreams, there aren’t any that are able to make their debut!” they say this for my sake, they say it out from their love, however, while I accept their feelings for me, I will continue down my own road.

There were no hesitations at all?
Yeah, there wasn’t any. Even if I quitted school, “As I thought, I have no choice but to do music”. I think it was a time of great enrichment.

In My Generation Lyrics “Freedom from the beginning” is written. You certainly had that feeling right?
I’ve been thinking of those lyrics since that time. If you only have the resolution, you can be free from the beginning… It’s just that since I decided for myself, I can’t leave my choices in someone else’s hands.
At that time there were another words resounding inside of me too. “People have the freedom to make a choice, but this comes with a responsibility” even though that’s the way it is I also feel great sympathy with people. Through those words, I received the strength to go forward.

When you were 16, you already understood “I have to take responsibility for what I have decided for myself”, that’s amazing. Well, YUI did you have an rebellious period?
Eh, a rebellious period? Well… I guess you could say so, even though I don’t really know what a rebellious period is.

In the song “The feeling was a bit different than breaking a glass window.” is part of the lyrics. This means “My decision is different from a little simple hostility or being selfish” right?
Ah, yes that’s so. Well, I probably doubted (in system of society or in life) many times before. When facing things I can’t comprehend, I often wanted someone to explain things to me clearly.

Since your debut have you ever thought “I don’t really understand this, I wish someone could explain”
Yeah thats so… However, without giving up, while going forward little by little, somehow or other there are times when things just come into view. By prioritising various things within myself, I feel that I haven’t made a mistake.

Translated by pwrtsm, kikino and hirotana