Nishio Yoshihiko’s Diary — Bonds (2015.12.08)



Translated by Tecchan

I enjoyed myself, today.

I felt tired during the day, I took some analgesics, then a sleep-inducing drug in the middle of the night. But, anyway, my mind was moved today by happiness for the first time in a long time.

Thanks to everyone for taking care of me.
The lecturers and the members of the staff looked too grown-up and trustworthy.
Even the rookie lecturers had a grown-up presence.
Nishio is living thanks to almost a hundred percent of help from everyone.
I couldn’t be more thankful.
This year really has passed in the blink of an eye.
Next year I’ll be taken care of once again. I really thank you in advance.
I’ll be struggling to do my best so that the students, the graduates, the lecturers, the staff and everybody will be happy.

YUI could not come, because one of her twin babies had a sudden fever, but she kindly sent me LINE messages in the middle of it.

She chose the present politely: “Do you think this present will be fine?” “Hey, Do you really think it will be okay?”. In fact, I’m happy with anything. If her mind is in it, I’m happy with even a piece of Origami.

However, compared with her in the old days, YUI has not changed at all right? She is without a doubt a child of Voice, but, she is also a Godsent child in a very natural way…
She is elusive and her behavior and words are hard to understand.
But, in Voice, she is actually the most reliable person and she has played secure roles in this kind of events as the eldest sister.

Twelve years ago, when she came to Voice, I underrated her, supposing this kind of girl would not last even for three days. Surprisingly! She went smoothly up to the top of the major artists.

Do yo remember? At the end of the summer in 2003, I was talking about various things with you, a newcomer together with the members of “Bianco” at Oohori park. When I just said lightly “Can you tolerate the hard lessons that will start from now on?” You suddenly reacted strongly with a loud voice “Don’t take me lightly just because I’m a child!”.
I remember you rebutted desperately with an even louder voice: “I will go to Tokyo and show you I will succeed in music by all means!”.
I was surprised, but I thought you were reliable and I was pleased. You really did what you said and your dream came true. To be honest, no artist superior to you has appeared yet.
That much, as an artist you are one of a kind.

Even so, you are the type of person who pursues their goals until the bitter end.
This is not the end, right?
YUI, 13 years have passed since we met at Voice. I ask you to keep getting along with me.


— Nishio Yoshihiko


2015.12.08 Nishio Yoshihiko

Source: Nishio Yoshihiko’s blog

From the context is hard to tell to whom was the present intended for, or why was yui asking Nishio about it… Or why was she getting a present if she didn’t attend. Just a minor detail ^_^;