October 17th, 2012 — Shindaita FEVER



Author: Kikino
Editor: gotchi (I’ll also be adding my own little excerpts in here)

October 17th, 2012 — Shindaita FEVER

We went to Yokohama to visit the Hikawa Maru ship (where HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE photos were taken). After our visit, we went to Shibuya. Since YUI promised to give us an autograph this night. I wanted to have it on something special, and since I cancelled the idea of having a tattooed autograph in my arm xD, I bought a B-PASS at Tsutaya.
After wondering around looking for the place, Gotchi realized we were heading to a wrong venue! (the one of the following night) So we rushed back to the train station. Fortunately, we still had time to arrive before the beginning of the show. We asked for our tickets, and the lady at the front desk who we were here to see or which artist. She could tell we were foreigners, but we answered back saying “FLOWER FLOWER.”

shindaita-fever-ticketFEVER ticket bought at the entry.


The venue was dark. As we got in, there was plenty of space for us. I found Hiroshi and other YUI fans I met the night before, I said “Chotto maigo deshita” (We were a little lost) Hiroshi was happy to see us and he started talking a lot. I had to interrupt him “I can only understand this much” He looked disappointed xD
This other guy, Endou, tried to speak some English but also failed. Hiroshi then gave me the ticket he pre ordered. It had FLOWER FLOWER printed on it.



The first row was already taken, though, but again, the second row was pretty much the same. Fortunately this time I remembered I had an iPod to record with. (I’m so happy I recorded this).

The level of the bands performing this time was much higher. We were impressed by SHISHAMO, a 15-16 years old girls band. They sounded so pro!

Gotchi POV: ” A lot of the audience members looked like high school kids. I guess I was culture shocked because not many venues back home would allow minors/young enter a venue that sold alcohol. Nonetheless, you can tell that the kids were there to see the SHISHAMO band. I was really impressed by this group, they reminded me of a young teenage chatmonchy group. I enjoyed their performance. The other guy who performed was another young boy, maybe 16 yrs old? Not super memorable. During this whole time, I’d be casting my eyes to the side of the stage to see if YUI, band members, or her manager walked through to the back. Overall, I was just impressed by how much musical exposure the Japanese youth are surrounded in and are capable of finding opportunities to do something with a skill/talent they have or are discovering. ”


FLOWER FLOWER performed 3rd or 4th. The band members appeared first, I recognized Saji first, the drummer. YUI appeared last.

“Who is this person?”

She was wearing wavy hair, heavy makeup in her eyes. Eyelashes were dark! Different wristbands of braided wool or something on her left wrist. Again no rings or earrings. A very loose blouse splattered with many colors, burdeos, yellow, white.. (at least is the image I have in my mind after all this time…) The cleavage was big, but she was covering her chest with the usual tight black shirt. She had a necklace with a small red stone. Again bulky pants, this time held from her hip, rolled up so you could see her ankles. White platform shoes tied with a lace.
Just picture the most beautiful YUI you can imagine.
This was even better.

1. Bossa intro …Remembering? Rememer me? … Not sure what the lyrics where…
2. Teku teku
3. Takaramono
4.Heart Beat (Funk song)
5. 1, 2, 3
6. Hello My Friend (Reggae song)

Jazz intro blew my mind away. The song doesn’t have any traditional mainstream structure, it’s just flowing and flowing and growing till the end. The music, her voice, the way she moved, everything was so sexy and cool. That moment was definitely the climax of my life. IT WAS MAGIC! xD
In that moment I realized. This is really YUI. What we have been watching on youtube, what we have been reading on magazines, listening on Keyhole. Everything is manufactured, a marketing product. YUI is so much more, so much more talented, more beautiful, more refined, more.. she could be so much more.
Sony is a chain. A chain that YUI finally decided to break.

Gotchi POV: ” The atmosphere was completely different from the night before. The band members entered first starting up the jazz intro, then FLOWER FLOWER followed on stage. Her entire aura/presence was different from the night before at Gee-ge. The lighting and the types of people in the audience were different. It was getting more packed and I noticed that Yukika (artist from the other night), was there too.The music had a “darker tone” with more of an adult vibe that filled with music notes/beats all being carried by YUI’s voice, all blending and grooving. This intro sparked a different type of excitement in me. The Shibuya Gee-ge live was purely acoustic filled with natural melodies with pure honest feelings…but this intro was just took me to another level. She was super into the song, her eyes were always closing as she just lost herself into the music as she continued scatting along with the beats. I just fell into another world of hers. The bandmates all had their own little solos, it was awesome. I was in front of the pianist, Murajun, and he was wicked–actually, all of them were pretty swag xD.  All in all, hearing her music with these bandmates, has expanded her music.  Her music is maturing and she’s becoming more experimental with her music styles.  I was just super giddy/excited to hear more. Honestly, like Kiki mentioned above, YUI has so much more talent than what she appears to be as “YUI.” Her creativity was probably never even given a ‘proper’ chance so I’m so glad she’s seized the moment and decided to do this for herself. ”

The next song became one of my favorites. The bridge was so intense, it starts like a march and has different elements as the song progresses. Nearing the end of the song she starts screaming itai, itai, ITAI, ITAI! I could really see her singing her soul out. At that moment of climax the lights turned on to its max, YUI was shining like a divine vision in front of me. I couldn’t take it. I was shaking and I had to cover my face, because I didn’t want her to see my face in tears (I was that close).

Other than that, the rest was just pure awesomeness. YUI playing fingerstyle is something we didn’t get to see often before, but in these songs she amost didn’t use a pick.

Good thing also was that people didn’t clap much this time. (gotchi: Yes, there were more listeners this time)

After she finished, another artist was left to perform. At some point she appeared from backstage to see the performance, I think she saw me and then hid behind the curtains, she had her mouth full of food xD

When the show ended, we waited inside for a while and then the venue staff shooed us to the entry hall.
Waited for a long time…It was raining a lot. Other fans were also waiting for her.
Fortunately, I still had the post-it Gotchi gave me one night ago. It never occurred to me that I could have an autograph with my name on it xD So I put it in the selected page of the magazine

Mafumafu and Mura Jun left first with a big metal box, Then Saji left by himself.

Gotchi wrote:
“I think we finished at 10:15pm? And it was around 11:20pm when she came out.
I really was almost ready to feel disappointed if she wasn’t going to come out and would forget to sign like she said she would.”

I felt the same too.

Then YUI finally appeared. She had the most casual outfit on. She was wearing a T-shirt, a cardigan and pants like those on HELLO performance at music station. Blue with little white dots. And a pair of black sneakers like converses.
She talked first with some Japanese fans closer to the entrance, then she looked at me! I swear! xD
According to Gotchi, YUI said: “Kikino-san?” To my regret, I really don’t remember that part…
(gotchi: She said “Kiki-san?”)
(Kiki: really??? I swear I can’t remember u_u )

I said “otsukaresamadesu” to what YUI replied back “arigatou” Then I immediately asked for the autograph, to what YUI looked already prepared for.
Gotchi hands her sharpie to YUI and she says “arigatou.”
I opened the magazine and for a second I thought of offering my back so she could have something to lean on, but I realized it would be too troublesome so I just stretched the magazine hoping nothing bad would happen to the paper >_<
I said “This is my name” (in Japanese) pointing to the post-it
YUI started reading “En… Ri…” >.<?
Gotchi INTERRUPTS!! “Enrique, it’s Español (Spanish)”
YUI: “Aaah Español…”
So there it goes my only opportunity in life of listening YUI saying my name. THANK YOU GOTCHI. xD
(gotchi: my bad, I shouldn’t have interjected >__<)
She practiced my name in the post-it first (how considerate):

YUI: Is this ‘i’?
Kiki: Hai

*YUI signs* (Maximum happines!!)

While writing, I ask YUI if she is planning to release any of these FLOWER FLOWER songs.
YUI looks at me with a worried expression and says “dekitara…” Meaning she would love to do it if she had the chance.
Atthat moment I realized she might never release these songs under the name of YUI…

At some point I also I say: “Kami ga ss.. sssu…. ssugoku niatteru” xD (Your hair really f-fff- fits you)
YUI: “Arigatou…”
Yes! I complimented YUI’s hair… and it was awesome.

Then, Gotchi hands out her Shinguu beach postcard.
YUI: “Did you take this photo? “Did you go to fukuoka?” (I loved how she said Ikitekureta?)
Gotchi: Hai, Kore wa Shinguu beach”
YUI: “Kirei! sugoi!” (how beautiful!)
Gotchi: “Arigato” Then attempted speaking random Japanese words & English saying:  This Shinguu beach card. I sent you this postcard for your birthday last year. (random Japanese words like ” kore postcard (this postcard)…otanjoubi (birthday)…kyonen (last year)…
(What worried me of that part is that YUI reacted as if she never saw that picture before, and it was included in the present we gave to her last night. )
YUI: “Ah I remember”
Then she proceeded into practicing writing gotchi’s name in Katakana while pronouncing the name.
YUI said Gotchi’s name in a very Japanese cute way.


Gotchi then takes her iPhone and shows a picture of YUI with the LED glasses in Hong Kong,
gotchi: ” I’m happy you wore the LED “megane” in Hong Kong!”
YUI: “I’m happy too ..ooh arigatou!”

Jun gets his autograph too.
Mission accomplished! ^_^

2012.10.07 Juns sign

We shook hands again :3
(She will hold your hand with both hands, gently)
I was happy I got a second handshake, because the night before I shook many hands of other fans, so I couldn’t really remember how HER hands felt like lol

YUI then moves onto to the other fans, This older lady took her Nippon Budokan keychain pick for her to sign except she didn’t have a marker so Gotchi gave YUI her sharpie again. YUI returned the sharpie with two hands and said “arigatou.”
Other fans gathered to be the next ones to talk to YUI.

After a while I realized YUI’s “manager” was not there. So I tell Gotchi I will go for the picture.
I found Hiroshi approaching YUI behind the group of fans so I tell him to wait a little.
I ask YUIn “Shashin demo ii desuka” holding my hands as if I was praying xD
YUI: “Shashiiiin?” >.<
YUI makes a facial expression I never saw before!! She was troubled by the quick question. (Stupid kiki you made YUI feel bad!)
YUI: But I already gave you an autograph…
Kiki: Aahh okay… (I gave up in that instant)
YUI: *Japanese words*
Kiki: “…What?” I look at Jun, because I didn’t understand a word of what she just said
Jun: “She’s saying you shouldn’t share this in any blog or facebook…”
Kiki: “Himitsu wo mamotteimasu” (I will protect the secret)
At that point I thought she was asking me not to talk about FLOWER FLOWER, but then I saw Gotchi taking her camera out. OMG I’m getting a picture!! xD
YUI talks to the other fans gathered around: “I will only take this picture with them, because they are foreigners and he came from Chile

(Gotchi: the Japanese fans heard this and were like “Chile?! Sugoii~”)

… Is there anything else I can ask to life?

Gotchi POV: “I told Kiki to ask for the picture, we had nothing to lose. YUI reacted slowly and stood thinking for a little bit after saying ‘already gave you an autograph’ but she then asked us to not share it on the internet. Right away, she turned to her Japanese fans and apologized and bowed to them. She was so considerate and professional about it. I was floored by her…I already respect her so much but my respect levels for her went even higher!”

My brain activated once again. I really wanted a “YUI and I” picture, so I go to Gotchi and tell her “Take a a picture of me first and then I’ll take one of you with her”
Gotchi took out her DSLR from her backpack and YUI said “Wah Sugooi~~”
Gotchi readied the camera for the picture. I stood besides YUI and slowwwly slipped my arm around her shoulder… (Infinite happines!!) I notice YUI makes her rabbit sign, so I do the same.

I notice Gotchi is struggling with her fancy camera… (gotchi: I had the DSLR on burst mode previously with low shutter speed and I forgot to change settings…so the following happened…)

Kiki: ”Gotchi, what are you doing!!!”
Gotchi: “Gomen-ne~ It’s a new camera so…” (Gotchi: I lied, I actually had to change settings…I took their picture first but it was burst shooting with a slow shutter so it took forever to stop -__- I was super embarrassed)
Kiki: “Atarashii…” (New)
YUI: “Muzukashii….” (Hard “to use”)
(I said atarashii not muzukashii, don’t you understand japanese, girl??)
… All this time I remained holding YUI’s shoulder. I had her body against mine and I could feel her hair near my face. That minute felt like an eternity in paradise.
At some point I turn my head to ask her a question… My face was at 10cm from hers!!!!!!
(gotchi: Thanks to my mistake  ~_~)

Kiki: “Kore wa nandesuka? Usagi?” (What is this sign? A rabbit?) (I was so proud of my crappy Japanese at this point xD )
YUI: “Nanandarou?” (I wonder what it is) “…Wan?”
(I really wasn’t expecting such response… So it’s not a rabbit? …what is “Wan”? I thought that was a dog’s bark… wait, maybe she got nervous?? omg I need to stop thinking.)

*Gotchi finally takes the pic*


At that point my original smile was deformed to a weird looking face. But YUI’s smile was still perfect. She has a lot of practice, though, and I was nervous as hell, and tired after the whole Hikawamaru and scape from the rain adventure. I couldn’t even feel my legs after that. Also my “not usagi” sign is all crooked… damn it.
But yeah I was so close that I can still feel her presence next to me…
My only regrets of this perfect moment is that I didn’t shave properly. I just never imagined all this would happen… and even though I was so close to YUI, I couldn’t really catch her scent… (What a perv…)

I tried to walk towards Gotchi to get the camera and Jun took it off my hands.
Thanks, Jun. I was shaking uncontrollably.

*Jun takes the pic*


Poor Gotchi didn’t notice YUI’s “not usagi” sign and just did a classic Asian peace sign.
(Gotchi: I was too nervous!…)

Gotchi, next time, please just use manual focus… or the friggin iPhone xD
No, scratch that. Just use a more complicated camera so I can hold YUI forever u_ u

Gotchi POV: “After the photo, I thanked her and just randomly said please come visit Canada ^__^. She said “ah isn’t it cold?” I smiled saying “summer is good!”  Next she talked with Jun….

YUI asks Jun: “Are you Japanese?”
Jun’s reply: Yes, a half. I was born in Philippines and came here.

Kiki: “Ashita no raibu mo ikimasuyo” (We are going to tomorrow’s live too!)
(I was so proud I used the YO after the sentence. I felt very japanese xD )
YUI: “Ohhh arigatou gozaimasu”

After that, YUI approached PERSONALLY other fans waiting on other corners of the hall. She’s so nice. You didn’t even need to chase her to talk to her.
Gotchi was not moving , but I felt so satisfied by all this, that I just decided we should leave.
(Gotchi: I actually had to put away my DSLR, sharpies, and postcard/folder into my backpack that’s why I took awhile for me to move)
I didn’t want to stay looking at YUI’s little cute reactions like an idiot forever… (But I wish I did)

I’m curious of what YUI did next though.. because nobody was with her at that moment and it was raining a lot outside. Maybe she came out to meet the fans and they she would come back inside to get her stuff?
Did she go home by herself? Well, at that time I bet she had somebody to drive her home, but where was the manager all this time??
And yeah that manager guy has a scary looking face… xD

I pushed Gotchi’s back and we left.


And that was the best day of my life.

October 17th, 2012 — Shindaita FEVER


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