Sanspo reports about YUI’s new project: FLOWER FLOWER



Rumors have been floating across online articles and social media that YUI was seen performing in a band called, “FLOWER FLOWER” a few days ago. It hasn’t been long since her hiatus but no matter!  This post-YUI stage in her career should prove to be quite promising and exciting!

Mezamashi television has also broadcasted rumours with the title ?YUI????? ??????”?YUI has Returned? A Different Name/alias Live”

????YUI?????flower flower?????9??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

YUI’s band “Flower Flower” seems to have appeared in the live house Tobiiri of the Kansai region yesterday (09th). She appeared with a short and black haircut, and official debut will happen later this year according to the agency. (Source Mezamashi TV)

Here is the translation of the Sanspo article:

YUI sings enthusiastically by surprise on a live house open to everyone!

YUI, who stopped from many activities this past year. Performed openly at live houses in the Kansai area using the name of FLOWER FLOWER. News came to knowledge the 9th (January). YUI appeared with a drastic short hair. None of these songs were sung by YUI before. She announced several songs without showing her face. According to her staff, her activities from now on remain undecided. Last year on November 19th a “stop of activities” was announced. with CDTV’s premium live as her last stage

According to her staff, she performed in small livehouses in different places this month on the 7th, 8th and 9th. With many other artist involved, the group performed around 5 or 6 songs one after another. However, YUI introduced herself as “FLOWER FLOWER” and the long hair she had until the end of the year was drastically cut off. The music of YUI’s era was sealed.  Returning to the origin of her career, she played by herself with her guitar, presenting several works recently created. Every single one of them had comfortable and calm melodies.

This was a surprise without any announcement. The stages didn’t have a “YUI atmosphere”, so even with around 100 people watching, some didn’t even notice it was YUI. The relevant person explained that those activities were completely private ones, and it was just for her to enjoy the music with her friends.
When she announced her hiatus, she wrote on her official site, “I would like to do a lot of fun things through my precious music.”

At this moment, they say that there are no concrete plans for YUI’s comeback or her new activities as “FLOWER FLOWER.”

Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong Facebook page has also posted this message:

??2013?, YUI????, YUI??flower flower??????. ??flower flower???????Kobe, Osaka?Kyoto?live house??, ?acoustic guitar????5-6???, ????????????????????.

In 2013, YUI will be starting anew as “FLOWER FLOWER” She has arranged with friends live house performances in Kobe, Osaka, & Kyoto, using the acoustic guitar singing 5-6 new songs, also another short hairstyle appearance surprising fans.




I personally hope that fans continue to support by respecting what she’s doing and that the media doesn’t (negatively) affect her as she faces her own challenges with these new projects. It’s a bit unfortunate to see if this new project was a private/personal one that’s just been leaked out by public media.