YUI’s Artist Books “Hello, Good-bye” and “THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE”



Two Artist Books to be released:


Preorder “Hello, Good-bye”
This is the one to be released by ROCKIN’ ON.
Price 2.310 Yen. Release date is Feb. 14th.

According to CD Japan:

“Hello, Good-bye” will be comprised of interviews made for every album, coverage of her Indies and Major debut, her first concert after coming to Tokyo, her debut as actress and an interview with untold stories. Her first hiatus and her sudden stop of activities. Also pictures covering her 8 years of career and a special handwritten message from YUI.


The other artist book is titled  THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE  published by Shinko(B-PASS’ Publisher).
Price: 3.150 Yen. Release date: Mar. 9th.

According to B=PASS twitter, those preordering at Shinko Music website will get two YUI photo cards. YUI Artist book is 240 pages.

They are also talking of a mini book of 32 pages with the 20 issues of Akai Telecaster.


For more details visis the thread in the forum!