sacchan DIARY (2014.11.29) — “Mi” release part 4



“Mi” release part 4
Translation by Leo and Jeff.

Good Evening. Sacchan here.

Furafura were able to release their first album.

Thank you very much

I’m very happy.

yui: “Are you good at **?”
Me: “ Y, yes…”

When we started Furafura, those were the details in the phone call I received from yui-chan.

But “Mi” and ** have hardly any connection.

And then at a later date at the studio.

“Nice to meet you”.

From the nice to meet you, to be able to make such a stimulating album, to me it’s very surprising.

However I think, because it was a ‘nice to meet you’, we were able to make it.

A piece of work that could cause so much of a surprise, I think it would be nice if this echoed out to everyone.

Thank You.


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