YUI-Lover Collaboration 5 CD (2012) Birthday Present to YUI



It’s the weekend before YUI-san’s birthday! So I’m here to present, the yearly YUI-Lover birthday gift!~

To celebrate YUI-san’s 25th Birthday, YUI-Lovers across the world (14+ different countries) worked together and made this awesome CD gift! Everyone’s done a great job! We hope YUI-san, band members, and staff will enjoy our gifts this year!

Thank you everyone for participating. I really recommend that everyone checks out this project! The song quality this year is amazing! We have a lot of great songs (covers, originals, and instrumentals)!.

This years theme has a retro/funk style so we had wanted everyone to make song covers and to try different songs that YUI-san has covered before or songs that she likes. Enjoy listening! ^__^

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YUI-Lover Collaboration 5 CD (2012)

Download here:

YUI-Lover Collaboration 5 CD (2012) http://www.mediafire.com/?n42cojtfahsc300
 YUI-Lover Collaboration 5 Art Booklet (2012) http://www.mediafire.com/?nijl1m3y9g9jyl6

Official Tracklist:
YUI-Lover.com Collaboration 5 (2012)

01 Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch Cover) [gotchi x STEPHAPEE]
02 I remember you [Suri x YUKISON]
03 Separation [lamevil x pmmonkey]
04 Laugh away [Happy4535 x YUKISON]
05 Freebird (Instrumental) [YUKISON]
06 ?????Tomorrow’s Dream?(Original) [takatsu]
07 Nobodys Knows [gie_argi x Suri]
08 Crossroad [azmikun x gie_argi]
09 Go for it (Original) [Happy4535]
10 Green a.live Good night YOU (Instrumental) [arnoldonicolas]
11 Blackbird [MrSean x Tetsuo]
12 ????COLOR ~Acoustic Version~ (SUPER BUTTER DOG Cover) [Vinsu]
13 It’s happy line [Suri]
14 ???????? (Saito Kazuyoshi Cover) [Aki no ha x arnoldonicolas x Vinsu]
15 I do it [arnoldonicolas x Hatsumichan x magician422]
16 Hotel California (The Eagles Cover) [Jim Schultz x MrSean]
17 Good-bye days [aron94 x CHU-LIP]
18 The Birthday Song ft. Happy Birthday to You You (Original) [takatsu]


Coordinator, Producer: gotchi
Printing, Shipping: gotchi
Jacket, CD Art Design: Kikino!, nana
Design Supervisor: gotchi, nana, Kikino!
Audio Mixing: CHU-LIP
Translations: Hatsumichan
Supporters & sponsors: YUI-Lover Fansite & Community

YUI-Lover Participants/YUI-????????
??????? Australia:,ShizukaSakura, tsunvun86
????  Brazil: Aki no ha, Tetsuo
??? Canada: gotchi, STEPHAPEE, takatsu, yvonneleung
?? Chile:  Kikino!
???? France: Neoreturn
?????? Indonesia: azmikun, fHEyb, gie_argi, nana, Val, town_el
?? Japan: Jun Ando, Happy4535, Hatsumichan, Sora, YUKISON
????? Malaysia: Alvin Ckx, Elrinz, Izzu, Kit Fong, pmmonkey
????? Philippines: fybknmconsn143, rui desu
?????? Singapore: aron94, cyclo, lamevil, natchi
???? Spain: dso, Suri
?? Thailand: KiM
???? United Kingdom: CHU-LIP, GC., Hamza, Monk of War
???? USA: by8n7, brad, magician422, MrSean, waratte, Vinsu
????? Venezuela: arnoldonicolas


I’ve spent a lot more time on packaging details this year ! ^__^ I hope they won’t miss this gift!

Pictures by: gotchi


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Making of Pictures:

Please do not post these pictures anywhere else without asking. Photos by: gotchi

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