Staff Diary (2011.03.11)(1) — e.u.Band’s safe return!!


e.u.Band’s safe return!!

By kikino and panda

Pollen is everywhere right?
are you doing fine with the allergies?

We have received so many messages for ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
that the pollen has been strongly blown off. Thank you very much!

????“4th Tour” ?????????????????????????
I’m deeply moved after realizing that so many people is able to enjoy the 4th Tour once again.

Honey Bee????
e.u.Band’s campaign reported in the special sites in STAFF DIARY and honeybee
Has come to its end! All the members carry many memories. They have returned safely!!

Continuing the pictures of the other day. The pictures of the last day have arrived,
Let’s upload them!

With everyone who waited for us at Hakodate Station.

The last landing point: HMV Sapporo Stella Place

All these people gathered… I’m crying!

At the Skype hook up. Communication with YUI!

Group picture… Ther was really a lot of people… Tears x3

Ther was such connection with the flag relay… Tears x7



In the last transit point there was many people waiting for us also!! Tears x11


The ferry departing back to Tokyo: Tomaimai


And then, the arival point of the ferry: Oarai!

…on the way back to Tokyo: in Oarai, YUI also came and went with us!
The truth is, it was kept a secret from all the members, for a surprise meeting!
The moment YUI visited where the members were,
“Waaah!!” they simultaneously formed a circle, surrounding YUI, it was a teary scene!

For e.u. Band, their usual smiles didn’t fade,
but they somehow seem to sparkle more than usual.
It must be because they were charged by the warm smiles of everyone that supported them in various places!
Also, this circle was definitely formed through everyone’s support!
Thank you everyone!!


Everyone in e.u. Band, Yuusuke san, thanks for your hard work x15!!

Along with the inexhaustible tales of the journey, there were also alot of smiles.

They really are the most wonderful members!
they received “love”, so they can “love” back
Above all, to everyone always supporting us and giving us their “love” you have our most heartfelt gratitude.
Once again, thank you very much.

?e.u.Band ?????????????????????
????????YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??FINAL?????????…??????
Lot’s of smiling faces are packed in the DVD
During?e.u.Band national travel of encounters?the encouragement from many people,
I think the true meaning of YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??FINAL public performance was to go out meet the fans!
Thank you very much!!

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