Staff Diary (2011.05.15) — In Hong Kong!


In Hong Kong!

Translated by azmi

Everyone, good day!
In what kind of weekend are you spending your time?
are you able to do it properly?
???????? in HONG KONG??
well, Today I’m still in Hong kong !!

I will report a lot of pictures
of YUI’s appearance yesterday.

?They (Sony HK) were prepared with this kind of bus??

?We are so exited facing June’s Live??

?On top of the bus?

?With super-stylist Datte-chi?

?and again, unexpectedly YUI did Live Street! What a large crowd!?

?After ST’s Live, people waving their hands to us (tears)?

?Everyone in Hong Kong, so warm..Thank You!!?

?Hong Kong’s night view is so exotic and fascinating! COOL!!?

?A lot of people, even in the street, greeted us (tears) ?
??????????????We LOVE Hong Kong???
Hong Kong’s people, all the STAFF, they are really warm
I love Hong Kong now! We LOVE Hong Kong!!
Thank You!!
Today, YUI is doing her best for the event.
If there’s something, we’ll report it~~?
well then.
as always, please treat us favorably!!?

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