Staff Diary (2010.08.19) — Before one knows..


Before one knows..

Translated by : azmikun

Everyone, Good day!
Otsukaresamade sweets!

Half August passed already
and hot days are still continuing~
I thought of such as recently today..

In the blink of eye
meeting of YUI 4th Tour?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
has already passed a month!

Its already posted in diary the other day
the steadly and [fun thing] of preparation has been started!

maybe also from recent temperature
it becomes a hot day, right?

Let’s get exited together!

And then! This is also posted in INFO page
in the link for tour production
the period of subscription to use “photo” extended until this week’s 21st (Friday)!

[someone important (someone we like or lover). thing. scenery of memory]
certainly please send it to us.
We want to make the live
that we make together with you all!

covered in the light~(laughs)
well then, adieu~n!