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We also have a live report from Kikino who attended  FLOWER FLOWER’s live performance at the TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL!

Written by: Kikino
Edited by: gotchi

Startline (sound check)

Intro (blues style)
Toumei no uta
Kirai kirai sekai
Tada (new song)
Bye bye

The band members took  their positions with the instruments to do some preliminary sound checks. Unexpectedly, yui appeared too and the crowd went nuts. Everybody wanted a spot in the first row, but I wouldnt give away even a centimeter lol.

Yui said, “saundo chekku desu.”

They started playing STARTLINE and the sound was already so perfect I couldnt understand why her staff members kept walking around messing with the cables xD

They played a short version of the song and then yui left her guitar and started playing with some synth thing doing cute sounds, then she went behind murajun and started stretching.

I have no words to describe precisely what i saw after they came back for the real thing

The intro started with yui doing strong vocalizations. I never heard yui singing with such force and skill. The song had an R&B melody with her habitual yui-go. She was singing with no guitar, the way she moved with the wind playing gently with her hair made her look really sexy. She was wearing the same pants she wore in JAPAN JAM. Im sure many YUI fans saw this new side of her for the first time. The intro ended and it felt to me that she left everybody hyptonized. There is magic in her performance. Something you dont see in many artists nowadays.

Toumei no uta was next and the sound was amazing. Im probably 100% biased and irrational in my statement, but for me this is the yui I always wanted to hear. THIS IS IT!

Kirai kirai sekai was not perfect because the cello was not connected so the sound wasn’t audible for a while and looking at the roady doing gestures was distracting.

Yui starts playing a water stick (?) and there are lots of sounds made by mafumafus cello, murajuns piano and sajis drum and acoustic instruments.

The next was a new song where yui used her pipe. It was a very jazzy song. I think mafumafu had a lot to do with this cos it had that chaotic ego grappin feeling. Again no guitar yui and I was on ecstasy.

Kamisama followed and even though its a pretty uptempo song the crowd didnt react as you would expect. Somehow, the audience was very quiet. It still feels like a secret live at a small livehouse. Maybe its because the vast majority of the fans dont know how to react yet. Every song is a surprise. Every song is so different from every other YUI song. I like to think they dont react not because they didnt like it, but because they havent had the time to recover from the shock.

Bye bye was amazing. And the sound of the wind mixed with the music made it even better. Everybody was clapping to the beat throughout the whole song The power coming from yui in that performance made my soul burn in love and fire. And I’m sure I was not the only one who felt that way.

Fom all the performances I’ve heard, this is definitely the best. I’m so grateful I was able to see yui in her true form, in her perfect form.

Cant wait to hear what yui is preparing for us in the near future.

Maybe the only thing that confuses me about FLOWER FLOWER is that yui doesnt interact with the crowd anymore. I really dont understand the reason behind this. There was not even a bando shoukai. Most fans probably dont know who the new members are and most probably dont care i guess.. And since yui doesnt talk about them, people will still consider FLOWER FLOWER as yui and some dudes playing for her in the bandShe was not like that when she performed in secret. On the contrarY. But today just like in JAPAN JAM, after the last song, and just like that,  yui said, “FLOWER FLOWER deshita” bowed and left, followed by the band. They didnt hold hands, there was no bandmember introduction, No encore, nothing but music. The staff removed the instruments in the blink of an eye and that was the end of her performance at METROCK.

Many cameras were recording so maybe we will have the very first FLOWER FLOWER footage soon thanks to M-ON TV.


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