Staff Diary (2010.09.09) — 3 Days . . . Until Performance


3 Days . . . Until Performance.

Translated by waratte

Everyone! Good evening!!

It’s typhoon season, are you all safe?

Please be careful.

Now then, it has really drawn near.

Nation-wide Tour ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?!!

Tour Rehearsal scenes of very ?tense? mode!

Scenes from the rehearsal have been uploaded!!

?called ?KuroDora?, 96-chan stuffing his face with ?Dorayaki*??

?YUI and Roadie Yamaguchi-san love the equipment?

?COOL Mixer table?

?Equipment introduction in the rehearsal studio?

?From the left, Contact-san, YUI, Mai-mai, Zakki-san?

?Just as the camera turned towards them, Arisa and Backy decided to pose?


Feeling of tension overflows..

Reporting on this scene of growing tension…

… truthfully, in a lot of seriousness!!!

Tomorrow, rehearsal studio final check day.

Taking in the fighting spirit to do our best!!!

Dewa dewa.


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