YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.30) — Translated report


Translations by Kikino

8/30???????????? Summer Edition?
8/30?”Paper plane diary Summer Edition”

?????????? Summer Edition????????????????????!!?

Talked on the phone with him on Aug 9th, the “realization journal” from ?Arashi?kun have arrived.
For Paper plane diary Summer Edition “I’ll invite the person I like to the summer festival, and confess!!”
This resolution was written in the journal by this pupil!
the result have come at last… let’s do the report.

Resolution diary

“I’ll invite the person I like to the summer festival, and confess!!”

Realization journal

?????????? ????? ? (15?)
The result, was useless
Or rather, the companion came with a different person, so I couldn’t be together with her.
I think she’s really got a boyfriend. In the end, I couldn’t confess.
Paper plane diary. Arashi from Aomori prefecture (15)

YUI-sensei: I thought it would be nice if it worked, but if you say she’s got a boyfriend
In practice, is the feeling of listening from the surroundings, and not the feeling of listening with your own ears right? (weird, hard, not sure)
?Arashi?kun, thinking on having a new meeting again, please do your best in the next oportunity!

That said, YUI sensei sends a song to ?Arashi?kun, ?Understand??

?Arashi?kun cheer up okay?! (That song wont work! xD)

“Konban ban baban!!!”

??? 18? ???????????????????????
?????????????????????????YUI?? (?)
From Hiroshima, Eimu-kun’s greeting… was adopted!
tenshon kai wtf?
“I wonder if there is such a way of speaking?” YUI-sensei is always confirming this (laughs)
“Reading in this style is better!” now, with this advice, by all means, send a new greeting together!

????????14???????????????????????Shake My Heart???????????????
Okay then, We listened a cover made by 14 people from different countries who participated in a band club and made “Shake My Heart”,
This week too, it arrived! And yet, from Hawaii! Cool!

?????Shake My Heart ????CD???
It’s a cover CD of Shake My Heart from Hawaii!
YUI-san please do listen to it!
From now on, please do your best!

YUI-sensei: I got it from Kousuke-kun!
I don’t understand why are these reaching from overseas, but I’m very happy!


YUI-sensei: It’s greaaaatl!! Pronunciation is not different at all! So cool!
You can feel the atmosphere of Hawaii in the sound too right? Thank you very much!

??????????? Summer Edition?!!!
Okay, Today’s main lesson is this!
“Paper plane Diary Summer Edition”!!!!

?????????????????????????????????????? Summer Edition??
(Usual description)

Every subject is OK!
When summer vacations are over we’ll be waiting for the reports od the outcome!
A new one came in, Let’s introduce a “Resolution diary”!

Ah, in the site of “Paper plane diary”
New “Resolution diaries” have been uploaded so let’s look at them together no?
Soon, summer vacations are nearing its end, so realization diaries are coming too!


?????????? ??????

Realization journal
I finally went to play a street live in Osaka!
As I thought, the city is great!
The difference between the countryside like Ehime is big! (Laughs)
I’m happy because there was people listening to me!
I couldn’t take a picture during the street live, but I’m sending a picture of the okonomiaki!
I felt one step closer to YUI-sensei!
From now on, I’ll do my best!

Paper plane diary. Mabu from Ehime prefecture.

YUI????????????????????????????? (?)
YUI-Sensei: Thank you for the attached image of the okonomiaki!
Looks tasty uh? You could perform on a street live ne~! It’s very stressful right? The beginning that is. Yeah.
Doing lives in Ehime, and performing in Osaka for the first time. I think it’s very courageous!
I think it’d be great if you could make lives in many places. Do your best!


?????????? ?????????

Realization Journal
In summer vacations, I invited the girl I like to see fireworks and we went together!
Also, I confessed and, no way! she said OK!
From now we are taking exams, but I will treasure this no matter what!

YUI-sensei: I think ?Arashi?kun from the opening has been trought a lot,
but a lot of things do happen! good things and difficulties will rise too,
but there will be a lot of people there to suppor you, so let’s do our best and have fun every day with everybody!
I feel like I ended up saying something of great feeling…
I think that HAPPY things are very lovely! Congratulations!

??????????????????? ??????????????????!!

?????????? ??????? (18?)

Resolution diary
My determination for this summer is, to swim in the beach with my boyfriend wearing a bikini!
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years now. But I still haven’t gone to the beach just the two of us!
And I’ve never wore a bikini before!
Even so, in the last summer of my highschool days, I will go to the beach and swim in bikini!
I will invite my boyfriend to the beach without fail! And we will make lots of memories~!!

Paper plane diary Sakura from Tokushima (18)

YUI: Hello?

Sakura: Yes.

YUI: Is it Sakura-chan? Than you for sending your resoltion diary! did you go to the beach already?!”

Sakura: To the sea… I still havent gone!

YUI: okay so… It has become a little cold to go~ it looks like? Is the sea near?

Sakura: The beach is near, but I haven’t gone together with him not even once << not sure

YUI: Do you swim? << never sure about that “Kai” thingy

Sakura: Yes I can swim! << bad translation

YUI: Sugoooi! Like crawl and stuff?

???????????? (?)?
Sakura: Yes, that’s right (laughs)

YUI??????? (?) ?????????????????
YUI: Ah, sorry (laughs) why bikini? << bad translation

Sakura: I have never wore bikinis until now so, I thought of wearing it in my last summer in a highschool student as a challenge.

YUI: I see~. But there are lots of types, right? Swimming suits. Like those wich looks like a dress and the like… It needs a lot of courage to wear a bikini doesn’t?

???????? (?)?
Sakura: Yeah (Laughs)

YUI: But you will look cute for sure! Your boyfriend will be delighted. What kind of person is your boyfriend?

Sakura: He practice baseball, is a very cool, interesting and kind person!

YUI: Huuuum! Its great isn’t it? Did you tell him about the bikini?

Sakura: I told him! He said “I can’t wait to see it!”

YUI??????????????!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
YUI: That’s reason to be happy already right? Okay so, I’ll be rooting for you to have fun at the beach! Go to the beach in the finish of the summer and please report it in the “realization diary” if you can!

Sakura: Yes!!

YUI-sensei: Sakura-chan looked like a very diligent persone on the phone
I thought it was a very lovely challenge for a girl
Please have a joyful summer!

August will end very soon too!!
Everyone’s “resolution”, what kind of form its “realization” have taken?
Everyone who has sent their “resolution diary” we are waiting for your “realization diaries!”

YUI-sensei’s single word after class can be heared each week on the mobile site~??

M?Understand ? YUI

Source: Tokyo FM

I just checked kamihikouki diary section and looks kinda… empty? I mean there are veery few entries… no shake my hear cover either? YUI deserve better fans =3=