Staff Diary (2010.11.24) –?Rain?Release Date!!


“Rain” Release Date!!

Translated by LLawliet

Minnasan, Konbanwa.

It finally came!

Today, new single “Rain” is now on sale!!

Everyday, there are many messages,

Hontouni arigatougozaimasu!!! (Truly thank you!!!)

In part of Tokyo,

We have a peep in several shops.


< HMV lumine EST Shinjuku? (lumine? i dunno)
And recently “e.u.Band” came to help me


Here, a special from the members to everyone

Handwritten message is posted

All stores are unfolding largely and

it is really full with the feeling of gratitude.

And in the scramble crossing of Shibuya,

?Rain??MUSIC VIDEO????????????????
It was an accidental encounter of the flowing “Rain” Music Video!!

Instinctively, I listened to 1 chorus for a long time.

??????YUI?Sony Music Online Japan?
Furthermore, today YUI Sony Music Online Japan

Is doing site jacks!! (site jacks?? – saitojakku)

(Period: 11/24 Wed 12:00~25 Thu 12:00)

Off shot picture of “Rain” jacket shooting here, and

We deliver original Christmas card wallpapers

Please come here also check it out!


Sony Music Online Japan

One month until Christmas Eve!

While aligning your Christmas recollections of everybody,

Listen happily to the new song “Rain.

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