Staff Diary (2011.04.24) — Music Video is Being Edited!!


Music Video?????
Music Video is being edited!!

Translated by Kicchan

Good evening to all.

It’s Saturday Night, but are you all doing fine??

Well, today it is the last scene!
We are in the middle of the music video’s editing!

YUI came too late at night
to make the narration for the SPOT.



It’s packed with stylish YUI.
You get nervous by watching it.
A lovely video and spot have been completed.


I want you all to watch it fast!!
Please wait a little more OK??


Dewa dewa.

Tomorrow (today?) it’s Sunday.
Let’s relax-kusu!
YUI completely forgot about this “kusu” thing xD



Continuing all night, Director Kubo and everyone in the editing staff!
Really, thank you very much!!

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If they are working so fast it means we might see this really soon…maybe monday >_< It looks like they recorded at two different sets but hisashi didnt go to the second one :/ and no... IATM had only one star xP