YUI Diary (2011.04.21) — Continuous Daily Coverage.


Continuous Daily Coverage

Translated by MonkOfWar & mrsean

The last diary on Datechi and Youji san’s birthday party are up!

Today’s report, as it was Youji-san’s real birthday, we were able to officially tell him “Ometedtou”

On this photo of Youji san, he looks like a painter doesn’t he? Congratulations Youji san!

????STAFF DIARY???????????CD????????????????
As for Staff Diary, the Hong Kong Live and CD jacket photography is out! Everyone, thank you for your impressions!

Look forward to the excitement of new challenges ok?

Getting excited about Hong Kong live now.

Everyone spend everyday happily.



During the making of this coverage, Clementine-san’s ‘First Kiss’ was playing on the radio.

It was a lovely, soothing mood.

We received this photo from writer Kitsukawa-san, reconstruction aid sweets.

dewa dewa!

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