Staff Diary (2011.05.03) — It’s Golden Week~~!


It’s Golden Week~~!
Translated by waratte and kikino

Good evening everyone!
How goes your Golden Week?

This year’s Golden Week seems awfully long
and there seems to be still a lot more to come!

Please enjoy yourselves~~!

Now then, regarding YUI,
She was doing coverages the other day, and during Golden Week too, she is putting all her energy in her work.

Also, of course
Work related activities are doing well also!

Music Video????
Thank you very much for your
reactions on the Music Video!!

All your messages
make us, the staff, feel in high spirits!
We are truly happy!!

The holidays are still continuing
so let’s have fun relaxing in our own pace~




??????????HELLO ?Paradise Kiss???
In about one hour ?HELLO ?Paradise Kiss??
will start it’s distribution in chaku-uta

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