Staff Diary (2011.05.16) — In Hong Kong! ?


In Hong Kong ?

Translated by azmikun

Everyone, good morning!
after a long time, morning’s report (LOL)

well, today is (Hong Kong’s Report) as well!
We will report yesterday’s situation.

during event, (Yamucha/dim sum) that local staff prepared

since afternoon we went to shopping mall!

So many people were waiting us! Thanks!

YUI also sang a song which is filled with her heart. Deep emotion!

Lastly, we took memorial picture with everyone in Hong Kong!

With interview etc, we were busy until night

Everyone in Hong Kong is very kind,
lovely, our hearts were deeply touched.
Thank You very much!

We also looking forward to work in June.
until that time comes, we hope for your cooperation!

The most greatest thing in this trip was to meet you! Our Hong Kong Team!!!
(Sorry,,,Leslie. u should be the center next time!! haha)

YUI was busy all day long with the schedule,
Thank you for the hard work!!

well then, it was Hong Kong’s report.


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