Staff Diary (2011.08.16) — SUMMER SONIC!!



Translated by waratte

Hello everyone !
The extremely hot days continue, don’t they.
Your physical condition is okay, right?

Well, this report came late, but
SUMMER SONIC 2011 @ Osaka
ended without incident!

This was another good weather Sunday.
We wore colorful summer clothes at Summer Sonic

?????????????? with?????????????
LET’S ENJOOOY? with Sam (stage director: Hoshino-san)

The LIVE started under the blazing sun.

Lots of people gathered around like so ! ! !

We were truly happy for your support and participation*

We were really worried that the audience might get heatstroke.
Was everyone all right?

We were able to end safely,
thanks to everyone’s help at Summer Sonic, the last summer fest.
Everyone under the blazing sun, truly thank you very much ! ! !
And as always, thank you so much for your warm messages.

3 summer festivals in the blink of an eye.
With summer having come to an end, a feeling of loneliness came.
Everyone, let’s enjoy fully the remainder of summer ! !

Thank you so much for a wonderful summer ! ! !


*referring to the keeping the beat with their hands

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