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Hello, it’s mafumafu.
Congratulations to those who had a coming-of-age ceremony. How was it for you?

Speaking of coming-of-age ceremonies, the memory I have of mine is lazing around at home…
Particularly, not having the necessity to attend a ceremony, nor the necessity to have fun with other people.
Alone in the room, you can play bass, listen to CD’s and watch TV.

A painful past…

A ‘Transparent Song’ that gently heals such a painful past?

Although yui wrote the song, when I listen to this song when walking or driving,
the visible scenery changes and I feel like I’m the main character in a story.
I feel melancholy but at the same time optimistic. It’s a special song.

Having said that, I wrote this on Twitter (lol).

Whilst arranging this song yui told me “ for the bass during the B melody I want you to weave around ?”.

So I tried weaving around.

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Up until this song I was just using a 4 string bass in FLOWER FLOWER. However, since I wanted a very low sound for the A-melody and B-melody, I started using a 5 string bass.

If you listen to the background of the intro, you can hear the “karankoron” sound. It’s actually a sample of sacchan gently (?) hitting a log which was hanging on the wall of the pre-production studio.

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Live, we got the sound by playing the sample in Loop Station.

When we rehearse and I first hear this sound through the bass amp, I feel that a ritual has begun (lol) and the atmosphere has become angelic. So I play that sound on purpose.

All told, when you want to be healed gently – this is the song.


Translated by Leo and Jeff


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