Staff Diary (2011.11.23) (2) — 5th day of the tour


???5?? (2011/11/23)
5th day of the tour!

Translated by Kikino and Hatsumichan


To everyone who went to Iwate National Hall yesterday,

Really, thank you very much!!

YUI was extremely relaxed too, It was a great voyage.

I think there are probably people who got rained on on their way home but,

you didn’t catch a cold did you??

Yesterday at Morioka, YUI , the band members and the staff had tasty Reimen (Cold noodles korean style)

Of course, everyone had it “separate spicy” style (see staff diary 2011.11.24 for more explanation)

YUI’s hair in yesterday’s encore, I think many people thought it was a wig.

the truth is~~~

The trick is revealed~.

When you tie the hair in two parts on the top and on the bottom it looks longer ?

Okay, today we arrived to Sendai Sun Plaza Hall for the 5th tour day.

In the intensity of the extremely cold weather, there was already a long line of people at the venue.

Really, thank you very much (for waiting) even in the cold.

Yuppii is also waiting for you outside in the cold.

Please cheer for us today too ?

Well then, well then


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