Staff Diary (2011.11.28) — The 6th Day of the Tour!


???6????? (2011/11/28)
The 6th Day of the Tour!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good afternoon!

Today, we arrived at “Kanagawa Prefectural Hall” for the 6th day of the tour.

In front of the venue, a long line formed for the priority sales of the tour goods.

We were very successful at all concert venues.

We’re very thankful, very thankful.

Since it’s getting colder, Yuppii is also wearing a muffler (scarf) while greeting everyone?

Behind today’s venue is the sea.

The weather has become nice and warm for cruising.

Strolling along Yamashita Park,

Backy-san, Arisa, and Chris became very excited (high tension) when they spotted Hikawamaru!! (a passenger & cargo ship created by the Japan Post Office in 1930)

I have a feeling that today’s “cruising” will go well too ?

Well then, let’s meet on board the ship later on!

Onyuu? Cruising??

Come join us in the forum~