Staff Diary (2011.12.09) — The 10th Day of the Tour


???10?? (2011/12/09)
The 10th Day of the Tour

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good afternoon.

YUI’s rehearsal next door is progressing smoothly.

For the 10th day of the tour, today is in “Mie Prefecture Cultural Center.”

The weather is very nice today.

Is it just me, or does the sky feel much closer and much wider here than in Tokyo?

This is our first time stopping in Mie Prefecture, but it’s a very calm and nice place where your heart feels much at ease.

The wind is strong and it’s cold, but

everyone please, try to do all you can so that you don’t catch a cold.

On such a cold day, the warm soup of our Yuppii noodles will run through your entire body.

Yuppii noodles are also standing by in “YUI Backstage.”

Completely tonkotsu flavored?

By all means, please try and get the Yuppii noodles that have super high reviews from YUI and staff.

At the performance in Fuji the other day, Hair and Makeup artist, Mr. Youji said that there was an incident

where the Yuppii noodles that YUI had saved for after the live, and was looking forward to eating,

were eaten by him!!

YUI: “Huh?? Where are my Yuppii noodles~??”

??????????????????????????? ??
Mr. Youji: “Huh? Wai- wait a minute please, I’ll go get them (hurries off)”

“Yuppii Noo~dles” yelled Mr. Youji, who ran off from the dressing room

and was able to bring YUI her Yuppii Noodles safe and sound.

Chan chan?

Well then, for today as well, Onyuu?Cruising????

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