Staff Diary (2011.12.17) — At Last, Tomorrow is YUI’s Hometown?



???????YUI?????? (2011/12/17)
At Last, Tomorrow is YUI’s Hometown?

Translated by Hatsumichan


At last, tomorrow is the performance at “Fukuoka Sun Palace.”

Yesterday, after the performance was over, all the members went out to eat together?

I wonder if it’s because many different cultures came here earlier on?

Even if I compare it with all different kinds of downtown areas, this place has a special nostalgic-like atmosphere.

Even though we’re in Nagasaki~ the store said:

(it says “Chinese Food: Yokohama”)


On YUI’s lead, we made a toast!!

Everyone ate to their hearts’ content,

and it was a very satisfying night in Nagasaki.

And of course to finish it off…

Chanpo~n!! (A dish famous in Nagasaki with noodles, seafood, and vegetables)

We also had two different types of Sara Udon (another Nagasaki noodle dish) with firm noodles!!

We tried to eat the Sara Udon like the natives in Nagasaki do by pouring sauce on top of it and…..

it was extremely delicious, so

if you have the chance to try it please do.

Well then, we’ll prepare for tomorrow and onyuu?GoodNight?


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