Staff Diary (2012.01.04) — Happy new year.


Happy new year

Translated by xerith

????YUI6?????6????????????HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE???????
Last year, YUI’s first overseas live was conducted in Hong Kong, as well as a street live in Shanghai. In the process, there were also many nice encounters. It was also the year when YUI’s 6th album (yes, already 6th!!) “HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE” was released. After the album release, even now YUI is still in the middle of her 5th tour in which she has received a lot of cheering (support).

We are grateful for all the support that have been given.
Please favor us as well in the year 2012.

2012 nenga

Tomorrow’s tour venue will be Asahikawa and on the 7th would be at Chitose, Hokkaido.
Really excited about winter in Hokkaido!!
Everyone is looking forward to it, right?

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