YUI 5th Tour at Chitose (Quick report from the_chap)



Quick report from the_chap

The song list are as this earlier report, with some updates.


Spoilers ahead

M09. CHE.R.RY (YUI Acoustic ver.)
CHE.R.RY wasn’t a YUI Acoustic version. It’s more like a new jazz feel to it. Seems to be revisited at every tour.

M06. U-niform
This actually continues the story of the couple from Laugh Away and Summer Song, with scenes from those PV as well as new shots. The guy is now into baseball.

(MC-4) (Location of this MC corner was Hokkaido prefecture)
I felt the people were pretty annoyed during this segment. Simply because the MC is from a radio station and they’re day job is to talk, really talk. So she (MC) was just talking non-stop, giving YUI few chance to respond. Lasted a good 5 minutes, with 10% of the talking by YUI.

M11. Lock On ? Instructive video ?
The instructive video is actually pretty fun segment with everyone taking part.

M13. es.car
Surprised that less than 50% of the people in the audience know the dance for this. Half-way through the song more people caught on to it and by the end a good 70%-80% of the people were dancing.

M14. Green a.live
I must say this was the highlight of the concert for me. They had an inspirational video shown as this song was played. Really strong stuff for me.

YUI performing in Japan is awesome. She and the band are more relaxed, able to chat freely and have random bantering on stage. The hall in Chitose is really small, about 30~ rows and 40-50 people per row. I was at row 25 and it was much closer than the seats we had in Hong Kong. (By We, I’m referring to the 9 who are holding YL neon lights (kindly made by gotchi) you can see from the banner).

Total attendance is 1275, according to the security and fire department reports, which is tiny. And that’s good.

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