Staff Diary (2012.01.07) — Chitosee~~!!



Translated by Hatsumichan

We’ve gone and finished it!
The performance at “Chitose Ciitizen’s Cultural Hall.”
With this, Okinawa aside, it’s the final day of the “regional series.” (as in the different regions of Japan)
There are 3 left! Let’s run through them swiftly until the end~?

I spot a Yuppii wearing lots of clothing in Hokkaido!!
Yuppii Noodles in the snow is sure to be delicious isn’t it?

Within this venue, there was a planetarium, something you don’t see very often?

I wonder if while waiting in the snow, everyone went to go take a look too??

The other day, after the Asahikawa performance, we received a present, and when we went to open it…
Uh… Nunchucks????
No, no, what’s this? They’re dumbbell puzzle rings where one piece weighs 900g (laugh)
All of a sudden a superior product that can also work for muscle training has come out!? And so like that,
as the one who loves puzzle rings,
YUI’s excitement went up and tried them out right away.
Every time, we receive presents from all these different people. Thank you very much.

Soon, YUI will be heading to rehearsal?
Let’s make today’s performance a good one as well!

(It says “Happy New Year”)

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