Staff Diary (2012.01.14) — 4 Days till!!


4 days till!!

Translated by pwrtsm

Good evening !!



Surprised by how quickly half a month has passed since the New Year
its Shinicchi



While being shocked by that
I looked at the calender….

another 4 days till Budokan!!??

That’s what it says? (No idea how to translate this naturally Hatsumichan help XD)

Finally, at last its here.

Today as ever we are rehearsing for Budokan!

3 people’s worth of guitars and bass like this. (unsure if its referencing the way they are all put together or the sheer number of them)

Progressing with the tension of the real performance!



Picturing the scene of Budokan,
From now on there are a lot of nerves and excitement.?




For everyone too,
so you can enjoy yourselves,
all of the crew will try our best!!




Speaking of which!
The crew parka (Hoodie) introduced before,
because of all the great response from everyone


Somehow or another!!

In a different colour it will make its appearance in Budokan as new goods!!




Others include the iPhone case and the bandanna,
long t-shirts etc. will also be there,
so please go and check them out.

The shot of the millennium from the other day


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