Staff Diary (2012.01.23) — Everyone in Okinawa, please wait for us okay~!


Everyone in Okinawa, please wait for us okay~!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good afternoon everyone.

All parts of Japan are currently under midwinter conditions,
but are you all feeling okay?

Especially all you students preparing for exams.
Please make sure you control the condition of your bodies properly.
We’re rooting for you!!

??????????? ??????????
Well then, well then,
Budokan ended on a very deep, emotional note,
and at last, this week is the final performance @Okinawa.

This time’s tour, with the feelings of,
“I want to meet the fans all over Japan that are supporting me!” and
“Let’s go to as many locations and regions that we have never been to before as possible”
had it’s scheduling start last summer.

In regards to Okinawa, for a really long time,
we received various talks of work there, but

it was rather difficult to alter schedules,
and nothing ever came about after those talks,

so this time, for us staff as well,
it feels like it’s a dream come true.

Everyone in Okinawa. We’re looking forward to being able to meet you!
Let’s get really excited together okay~!

It’s the “Final Cruising”!!

Well then, well then


It seems that the producer, Kondo Hisashi-san

has, somehow, for the sake of his body,
started a fasting diet for 2 weeks.

Everyone, please root for him. (laugh)
By all means, please continue to support us all!!!

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