Staff Diary (2012.02.18) — Looking back, episode 5!!



Looking back, episode 5!!

Translated by Kikino

Everybody had a valentine’s day as you pleased right?

I’m so happy that many you caught YUI’s air chocolate ??
(Air choco is like imaginary chocolate xD )

Okay, Looking back, episode 5!!
From now its “Torkin Bunkakaikan, Rinka Hall” on Dec. 25th
The appointed day, turned impressively into a White Christmas ???

We exchanged presents.
Band members and staff mingled together
exchanged presents as they pleased.
They also sang Jingle Bells in a chorus.

It became a White Christmas Performance ?
the excitement rised in the snow
YUI, the band and staff were jumbled together
breaking into a big snow fight!!
When adults play too serious it can be dangerous lol

On December 27th Matsuyama Citizen’s Cultural Meeting Hall
Because of the heavy snow there was a sudden change onto a bus!
During the journey the members and all the crew members
were in a happy mood just like in an excursion.
The Live was the last of 2011!!
YUI and the members giving their all having fun was very impressionable?

CRUISING in 2011 ends here!!
Next time starting from the New Year Asahikawa!

By the way, “what song was used as the BGM during the opening??”
I get asked that a lot, so
I would like to introduce it here??

M? My Man
Artist The Eagles

M2 Focus IV
Artist Focus

M3 You Are The Woman
Artist Firefall

M4 It’s Up To You
Artist The Moody Blues

M5 Into My Life
Artist Three Dog Night

M6 Everything I Own
Artist Bread

M7 Southbound Train
Artist Crosby/Nash David

M8 Ol’ 55
Artist Tom Waits

M9 Longer
Artist Dan Fogelberg

M10 Ballad Of Easy Rider
Artist The Byrds

M11 Musician (It’s Not An Easy Life)
Artist Silver

Artist Richard Marx

M13 Lover’s Cross
Artist Jim Croce

M14 Back In The High Life
Artist Steve Winwood

M15 Shower The People
Artist James Taylor

M16 Journey Through The Past
Artist Neil Young

When listening to the songs.
And recall CRUISING.
I think you would be able to feel the atmosphere?

Well then
Onyuu ??

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