YUI Diary (2012.02.14) —



Happy Valentine!!

Translated by Kikino! and Hatsumichan

Are you all doing fine?

It’s YUI.

It looks like overseas, both men and women exchange presents uh?

I was surprised when I heard there are places that don’t have White Day either!

But to be able to simply receive delicious sweets makes you happy right? ?

For Valentine’s Day this time, I think I want to try going around and look at all the chocolate that is overflowing the streets.

Packing all my gratitude into it, I present you all with air chocolate?
(“air chocolate,” just like some people mentioned, is basically “chocolate made of air” aka, she can’t send us all physical chocolate so it’s just the thought (like air hugs, or air high fives or whatever when you can’t actually reach the other person.)

I should buy my own share too ? Haha

Have a good Valentine ?


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