Staff Diary (2012.09.15) – Clearing up the Hippopotamus Mystery!


Translated by panda who read this scare me

Clearing up the Hippopotamus Mystery!

??YUI?????????SHE LOVES YOU?????????
Hello everybody!
Today we can finally tell you about the release of YUI’s cover album “SHE LOVES YOU” ~!!!

YUI DIARY?????????
The riddle of the?YUI and Hippo shot?
which was in YUI DIARY!
Up to today there were many wild speculations flying about…
That’s right!
The excellence of ?kabaa (cover)?and?kaba (hippo)?? Is a PUN! (clearly!)

Iyaa~~, I feel so much better~.


Also for the CD jacket to keep up with this poppiness
as expected the pink ?hippo?works really well!

This is actually based off YUI’s
original illustration of a hippo!
Oh my, YUI the master artist, is quite abug deal!!!

Also, one more thing, about the globe
uploaded on the staff diary
it was taken during for the photoshoot of the jacket!
… BUT, it can’t be found…sweat

that’s strange~….

Well then, all this and that in the content will obviously be super extravagant!
All the artists
gather up, in an all girls meeting, into one huge serving!

?SHE LOVES YOU??????????
We are getting more and more excited now!
?SHE LOVES YOU?,looking forward to it~~~

There were a lot of cute stuff in the shoot! so the tension/spirits were high in YUI’s team!
This flamingo, was one of YUI’s personal favourite.


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