Staff Diary (2012.09.17) — The tracklist of “SHE LOVES YOU” is…



?SHE LOVES YOU????????
The tracklist of ?SHE LOVES YOU?is…
Translated by azmikun

Hello everyone.

?SHE LOVES YOU?????????????????
Today the tracklist of ?SHE LOVES YOU? has been uploaded to the Official Infortmation section!

The participant artists have been announced the other day, but

You were curious of what tune they would perform right???

The colors of each artist are truly reflected, so after we listened to the songs, we will find
a new discovery and a lovely surprise that could be tasted from this “Girl’s Party”!

And of course, YUI’s self cover has an extraordinary atmosphere!!!

I’m completely sure you’ll feel satisfied by this!

Aah I really want this “Girl’s Party” to be delivered to you all fast…
But, if you hold on the anticipation it will become more fun so
Please wait for it a little more!!!