Staff Diary (2012.10.14) — At last!


At last!

?????????10/24?YUI???????????SHE LOVES YOU??
Everyone, hello!
Yeah! Next week 10/24, YUI Tribute Album ?SHE LOVES YOU?finally will be realeased!!!

?School of Lock????????????????
moreover with that, tomorrow 10/15 (Mon),
YUI will be appearing at ?School of Lock?~!
This is will be her appearance after quite been long time,
also we have prepared lot of nice presents, so to all of you
who have time tomorrow to listen to this show, is a must to check!
To be honest, as a staff, I’m looking forward to this too (LOL)

?SHE LOVES YOU????????????
Yes yes, this have been informed on INFO (*YUI-net) the other day,
however we are informing you once again that
there’s a limited present for ?SHE LOVES YOU?purchaser,
which is an original iPhone5 cover (without fail the hippopotamus attend here!)
so, please submit your application after you bought the CD!

??YUI DIARY??YUI???????????????????
This is the young animal who appeared together with YUI
and became hot topic in the previous YUI DIARY.
With this overflowing love, we staff are madly in love as well (?)

10/24 Release
SRCL-8135 ?3,059(tax in)

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